Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Part 3: Fun in Volga with G&G Schumacher

Luckily, Grandma & Grandpa Schumacher only live about 50 minutes from Grandma & Grandpa Raeder. I drove the boys back and forth several days so they could play in Volga and each got to have a sleep over as well. Uncle Kyle and Aunt Rachel wanted to be fair and have Jaden stay over night since Evan had his one-on-one time on the drive to SD. Both boys did great sleeping through the night in new places and enjoyed playing with their new toys, knocking down more block towers, and singing fun songs.

Grandma Linda made beans for the boys from her garden- good thing she has such a large garden- 
they ate and ate these green veggies!

Grandpa Chris saying 'Hey!'            Mr. Sensitive responding!     

 Bedtime stories

 The boys were SO tired after their long day of fun.

Singing bedtime songs before the drive back to Watertown. 

When the boys and I left South Dakota, we went with Grandma Linda to Redwood Falls, MN to see Great-Grandma Remmele. We took Great-Grandma out for lunch. The boys enjoyed eating some 'real' foods off of my plate and the extra time with Grandma!

Great-Grandma Eileen Remmele - Happy 90th Birthday!!

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