Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not quite as big of a project as our 4-foot addition we put on the house last September, but we did lots of rearranging the past couple of weeks.

Prior to having kids, Nathan and I always said we weren’t going to have toys in the living room……hmmmm….if you’ve been to our house in the last 12 months, you know that didn’t last long!! Our initial intent was a toy room in the basement. Well with babies, that’s impractical as most things I need to do in the evenings (like cook supper) are on our main level---thus, the toys in the living room.

Now that the boys are becoming more mobile – and curious – you really cannot leave them alone in the living room. 1. Jaden will find the tiny cord behind the piano that goes to the speaker or 2. Jaden will wonder what it feels like to play with dirt from the planter that is behind the papasan chair on the window sill or 3. Evan will wonder how to open the bottom portion of the gas fireplace to see all the little cords that are hiding or 4……….you get the picture!

And that is how it was decided that we would move our office upstairs and Evan and Jaden would get their very own toy room on the main level. Now, don’t worry, this was not intended to be a room that we’d shut the door and leave the kids alone for the evening! But it is a safe room for them to play with no cords, no plants, no tall furniture to tip over, just lots and lots of toys and balls and colorful things that make noise!

The top shelf makes a great home to Skype Grandparents!

So far, I am very happy with the arrangement! The boys seem to LOVE the space. I have a shelf with toys in it, and they are able to get the toys out they want to play with (Haven’t learned to put them back……..yet) and of course now Jaden has learned how to get the containers that are in the shelf out and dump them!

For the most part, they share. However, Jaden loves to open and close this little laptop toy they have, whereas Evan would prefer to actually learn from the toy and listen to the letters and numbers. Of all the toys we have in this room, these free Star Wars figurines (still in the packaging) are his favorite. He crawls all over with these in his hands. I have absolutely no idea where they came from.

This playmat is in here until we give it away as they have obviously outgrown laying on their backs- however, Jaden will plan his routes purposefully going under this ‘tunnel!’ 

Evan performing a concert for Jaden on their piano. This only lasted 2 seconds before Jaden was up playing a duet with Evan!

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