Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Friends

Evan and Jaden flirting with Taylor

With the start of another fall semester, I think back and wonder how my summer could have possibly gone THAT fast!!

I had the perfect mix of part-time work with the dietetic internship and part-time (with lots of overtime) hours as a Mom. I loved all the extra time I spent with Evan and Jaden watching them grow and learn new things every day.

We had lots of adventures and met many new friends as well. I thought I’d post some pics of the new buddies and girlfriends that Evan and Jaden met throughout the summer. 

Jaden, Taylor, Lilly and Ethan in Watertown

Grant, Evan and Jaden at a lake 
near Minneapolis, MN

Mason, Jaden and Evan ready to jump 
into the pool!

 Evan, Jaden, and Rohnan in Joliet, IL

 Yup--that's a huge tree over the path! We tried to go around, but Brianne and I had to carry the strollers over the debris. 
It was an adventurous walk in the park! 

'The Bean' in Chicago with Patty & Kyle Jensen - excited to meet twin baby girls soon!

The boys are adjusting to full-time daycare again. It is fun to watch them 'play' with the other kids at daycare now that they can crawl, pull up, and of course 'share' toys!

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