Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who doesn't love cake?!

Luckily the boys’ demeanor during their 1 year photos was not a foreshadow of their actual birthday party! I’ll post more 1-year photos soon, but wanted to share pics of Evan and Jaden enjoying some tasty cupcakes!!

As expected, Evan dug right into the cake- double fisted. 

 Jaden was nervous. 
He looked at it, whimpered a little, 
just not wanting to get messy.

Nathan helped him taste it, 
and once the cupcake flipped over, Jaden took a bite.

 Jaden really did not like the blue frosting on his hand. He proceeded to wipe it everywhere on himself and the chair!

We took them straight to the shower and then the pool afterwards to make sure they were nice and clean:)

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  1. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Schumacher for the pictures!