Sunday, September 16, 2012

Picture Time!

This first picture really summarizes our photo session. We had a beautiful day, wonderful photographer, gorgeous setting at the ISU Horticulture Center, but the boys clearly did not want to be there! 

Below is a collection of the other photos that 
Lindsey captured. 

Moments before the chair tipped over...and took 2 boys 
with it:)

Evan- I guess he thought this was posing!

Don't force that smile too much, Jaden!

 Jaden---always thinking two steps ahead, 
"Ok, now how do I get down to chew that mulch?"

The children's garden was a fun area, 
maybe too many distractions for pictures!

Evan--deep in thought.                           Jaden

 "Ok--you throw a fit and distract them, 
I'm going to dive for this mulch!"

Evan- on a mission

Quick! Let's get out of here!

I love how Lindsay took this picture, but unfortunately, the boys were hot and tired and not very cooperative. 

 We tried to take a few family, you won't be seeing these on our Christmas card:) 

 Who knew Evan was so stubborn?!!

I learned A LOT through this photo session. 1. Lindsay has tons of patience! 2. That can't be said for all of us. 3. I can plan, prepare, and hope......but boys will be boys.......or maybe babies will be babies. Which leads me to 4. Turning '1' does not mean the 'baby' stage is over yet. 5. Sometimes you just need to step back, and laugh. Or in my case: go to the mall and shop! And that is just what I did!

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