Saturday, November 17, 2012

A House Full of Helpers

It’s easy to look around the house and see all of the extra work that kids create. Like sweeping the kitchen floor every day (or after every meal!) – Washing extra dishes/bottles – Washing one (or two) more loads of laundry every week – you get the idea. But if I focus on that, all I would be doing every day is 'work' around the house!

So instead I’ve decided that Evan and Jaden are my little helpers around the house.

Evan and Jaden help with Laundry

Evan and Jaden help clear tables - really anywhere in the house. 

 Jaden helps pick up recycling around the house. And then actually repurposes the items. 

Evan helps sweep the kitchen floors. 

They are also pretty good helpers at making me smile every day. 
Evan and his little ‘fish face!’

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