Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Fun Part II

Evan, Mason, Jaden

I finally uploaded pics from my camera—I get so used to having my phone around and using it to take pics, that I forget to frequently upload actual ‘camera’ photos. So, I needed to create a ‘Part II’ to my last Fall post. Ironically, I could write the same thing today as last week! Jaden is like a clock…….I would love for you to post comments of any tips you have to help kids transition with time changes. Evan has done just fine with adjusting to the new time---so it appears more of a personality thing, than a parenting thing……..hmmmm….something I have been fortunate to observe with many things.

Feeding the boys and getting them to eat is one of those things. Inevitably, one of the boys will love what I feed them for supper, while the other one will carefully and deliberately throw the food on the floor. In those moments I have to focus on the one who actually likes what he is eating and know that tomorrow the roles will likely be reversed!

Naptime is another area I’ve noticed that can be more personality than parent based. Yesterday, we had a relaxing Saturday – without much planned. The boys ate a filling lunch, and then I put them down for naptime like always. Well, Evan just wasn’t having it. He wasn’t tired and tried to keep Jaden up. Since Jaden gets up so early, he is consistently a good napper. I finally took Evan out of their room – so he got one-on-one time playing until we wore him out for a later naptime.
This is in lieu of naptime! 

Jaden playing outside during Evan's naptime!

I could go on about stories where if I just had one baby, I would think I had ‘failed’ at parenting for a specific task, but luckily, one of the boys typically cooperates……and that’s what keeps me going! Well, that and my morning pot of coffee!! 

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