Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Part 2: Jackrabbit Country

As we made our way north in South Dakota, we entered Jackrabbit Country! Of course we had a stop at SDSU’s campus. Where the boys were once again recruited at the President’s Office---this time with some ‘bendable bunnies!’ These kept the boys entertained in the car!

In the spirit of the Jacks making it into the NCAA Tournament- the boys enjoyed some SDSU ice cream from Grandma Linda and Aunt Rachel.  

Grandma Linda told me she had baby-proofed her house. However, I followed the boys around and ‘Evan & Jaden-proofed’ the house!
They are quite the curious ones….with little fear.

Evan played for the longest time with 2nd-cousins Bridget and Heidi learning his shapes……or training Heidi to turn the box fast enough to put the associated shape inside. 

 The boys had a great time being spoiled by Grandma Linda, and hardly had time to sit still for a picture!

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