Sunday, April 21, 2013

Discovering the Fun in Normal!

The ISU Health Promotions & Wellness office sponsored free admission into the Children’s Discovery Museum, so it was the perfect opportunity for Evan and Jaden to explore the museum. And explore they did!
Obviously there was a lot they couldn’t do, but they kept busy the whole time! 
Nate built a tower they could actually crawl under!

Jaden LOVED the cows!  He had to pet them all!
And then Jaden watched all 4 videos about the 'Farmer'!

Evan got some work done by planting the corn. 
And then we all got to harvest it. 

Jaden found a ramp for the tractors. 
Evan plotted how to get the animals out of the barn......

Although I love the sciences, I have to say the 3rd floor with more of the 'arts' was my favorite! 

Jaden got to star on stage as the King----really he just ran back and forth; up and down the stage but had fun in doing so. While Evan clapped for the kids who were playing with the lighting effects. 
Some kids were putting on a puppet show. They boys loved it!! I was surprised how long it kept their attention. 
Of course, Jaden was a little skeptical of the puppets. He had to figure out how these things worked!
 The secrets out! 
Evan enjoyed watching others step and hop to play the piano. Unfortunately, he didn't weigh enough to make the keys sound! 
The last thing we had time for was dancing to some music! The boys got to shake maracas and tambourines while spinning and dancing. The picture isn't very clear as the room was dark with a screen showing neon outlines of the kids dancing. They had a blast!
Soon enough, Jaden, you'll be big enough to climb on the fun two-story net playground!

Thanks, ISU Health Promotions and Wellness for a fun-filled afternoon!

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