Sunday, April 14, 2013

Playing at the Park!

On the few days of warm weather this spring, the boys have had fun playing and exploring at area parks. It is amazing to watch them challenge themselves and do more and more each time. Which frightens me a little as I watch older boys at the park jump on things with no fear! At first they went down the slides backwards (like they do stairs).
We have a park across the soccer field in our backyard. Jaden bee-lines it to the playground, while Evan often takes a rest to cheer on a soccer match.

We have also ventured to Rosa Parks, which has playground equipment much more Evan-and-Jaden-sized.

 Aunt Laurie brought bubbles to the park!

The day before our last snowstorm we went to Carden Park at Prairieland. They had so much fun venturing on the playground. I think Nathan had just as much fun!

One of the largest parks – not completely Evan-and-Jaden-friendly- was Northpoint Elementary. You can tell a lot about Evan and Jaden’s personality by their independent selection of which item they ran to first: Evan found something he could sit on and chill, while Jaden picked the climbing wall which he found his way to the top right away!

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