Monday, September 2, 2013

Evan’s Thoughts on Turning Two

Clearly, turning two is a big deal. Here are some things we have learned after our first day as two-year-olds.
1.    There is no need for naps anymore. Mom and dad put us down for a nap, but I just jumped around, rolled around, and threw my stuffed animals. I was quiet though, and just played along with the whole nap thing.
2.   Being two means playing at new parks! We started our day at Fairview park—there are TWO playgrounds there!  

 In the evening we went to Anderson park. It was a really big park. Mom looked a little scared watching us climb so high, but since we are two now, we could do it, no problem!  
Jaden is really quick!

I even got to zipline!

3.   You get to Skype with a lot of family when you are two! It was fun to see everyone morning, noon, and night! Grandma tried to feed me a cookie through the computer screen, but it didn’t quite work. 

4.   I wonder if every day that I am two I will get to eat an Elmo cupcake? It was D-licious!
Where'd the cupcake go?

5.    I heard this was our Golden Birthday, and it really was a special day!

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