Saturday, August 31, 2013

King Crib Update!

Many have asked how the King Crib (double wide crib) is working out for Evan and Jaden (and for us!). For the most part, the boys have done great and seem to enjoy the big crib- as you see in the pictures, although they have a double-sized crib, they are often together on one side or the other.
 Typically, I’ve been told that it takes 3 nights to make a change with a kiddo; like with unswaddling, taking away a pacifier, etc. The king crib took more like 5 nights. I guess 3 nights times 2 kids = 6…….so 5 nights isn’t bad!
During those first nights they would ‘play’ for about 2 hours: jumping, racing, rolling, laughing. Then for the next 30-60 minutes they would whine and cry as they were over-tired. It was 11:00pm at this point when they (and we) would fall asleep.
We stuck it out and for the last month they’ve cut down playtime to about 45 minutes and typically they are asleep by 9:15pm.
The only issue we have had is that Evan is a night owl. Always has been! So he will jump and bounce and do tuck jumps on the mattress----all while Jaden is trying to sleep, or is sleeping. And you probably guessed it, this also means that Jaden is up earlier. But most of the time we get there soon enough to take Jaden out of the crib before he wakes up Evan.

This routine seems to be working for them.......for now! 

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