Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Evan being Evan

I overheard Mom say that she planned to spend the whole day with me Monday---I was SO excited on Sunday night that I just couldn’t go to sleep. I had to tell Jaden the news, but he kept falling asleep in his crib. I threw all my stuffed animals on his head to try to keep him awake. Finally, I decided, I better climb over to his crib and wake him myself. I had done this one other time the night before, so I knew the ropes of this escape plan fairly well. 
Jaden greeted me and was excited to play a little bit longer……until mom heard us jumping. Reinforcements came and mom and dad started taking the front side off of Jaden’s crib- and we were free. Wow, would they really just let us roam around our room all night? I will never ever have to sleep again! Nope. After taking my crib apart as well, they pushed our cribs together and we have one giant king-sized crib. Oh did we have fun jumping, pushing, rolling, and wrestling for the next 2 hours! Jaden kept wanting to sleep, so I did my best to keep him awake.
 Finally, we both fell asleep. But since mom said I got to spend Monday with her, I didn’t want to miss a minute, so I got up at 5:30am. She said 6 hours of sleep was not enough for me- I guess kids my age typically need twice as much. Those kids are just missing out on half the playing time.

So can you believe, the first thing on moms list-to-do with me, was put me down for a nap? Ugh.
I finally got to see what this thing called story-hour was all about at Barnes and Nobel! A lady read four books to about 18 of us kids. A big copy of Green Eggs and Ham was the first book, and I could really relate to Sam-I-am. I often think I won’t like the food mom gives me in my high-chair, but she finally convinces me to try it. Most of the time I do like it, but then it’s too late as I’ve already thrown half of it on the floor. The next three books were regular sized and hard to see, so I ventured to bigger and better things like the stuffed animals!
I also found a book shaped like a digger with wheels on it! I love that book so much, and I thought mom may buy for me if I screamed loud enough when she put it back on the shelf. Doesn’t she know I just had to have that book in my collection? I thought maybe she couldn’t hear me, so I screamed louder. As she took me out of the store, she said something about life not being fair, and as Grandpa Al says, if I want fair go to Huron (Springfield for the Illinois readers!).
Mom and I had a picnic lunch, and I got to use the spoon with my yogurt just like mom. But I realized I could get just as much yogurt in my mouth at a time if I used my hands.

I was exhausted at naptime and took advantage of being King of the Cribs.
After naptime, mom decided last minute to stop and get my hair cut on the way to pick up Jaden. I was still half-asleep, so I just sat very still as I was told to do. The ladies kept telling me I was being so good, but clearly I was just following directions to get the cherry flavored sucker they were bribing me with.

I missed Jaden, so we made up for lost time in our big crib that evening and jumped around for about two hours. We also finally were able to reach the last canvas wall hanging. So we worked together to pick off all of those little animal stickers. I am sure Grandma will thank us for the empty canvas to work on her next project.

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