Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jaden Being Jaden

I knew that Wednesday I had a busy day planned with mommy. She told us to go to sleep early on Tuesday night, but my big brother Evan kept wanting to stay up. In his defense, mom and dad are putting us to bed in this mini gymnasium. Evan thinks we should practice our floor routines, so I help him with his summersaults. He is trying to teach me to jump hard enough in order to get enough bounce and vault over the side of the crib. So we practice every night. He must think he needs more practice because he stays up about 45 minutes later than I do.
On Wednesday we got to sleep in and after mom dropped Evan off at day care, I got to play at Rosa Park. But guess who was there? All of my friends from the church nursery! It was so fun. I also got in some climbing practice. I just can’t let Evan be the only one to make it over those crib walls.

My friends even had story time in the park, and we got to eat popsicles. This was my first popsicle all to myself. I sat on the end and got my popsicle first---which meant I finished first. When I looked around, everyone else was still eating a popsicle, so I let mom know that I wanted to still be eating, too. Luckily, my buddy Mason shared his yogurt melts with me.

Then mom said we were going to school. I briefly panicked because I knew I hadn’t gotten my back-to-school haircut yet and I didn’t have school-clothes on. But as it turns out, I wasn’t the one actually going to school, we just stopped by mom’s office at school. I hadn’t been there in a while and now that I can run, I wanted to test out all of the halls and secret corners of Turner.

She talks about a Foods Lab- but I peaked in the window and couldn’t see any food, so I’m a little uncertain what she does for 6 hours in there on Wednesdays?
We had just enough time to shop. Mom didn’t have a single stroller, so she said I could walk in the store. I thought it best that she carry me. I mean it’s not like I weigh 30 pounds- I only weigh 27:)
Naptime in the mini gymnasium was no fun without Evan. I pitched a huge fit (and then smiled sweetly), so mom put me in a pac n play in the dark basement and I slept a long time. I even slept through a very noisy thunderstorm. Mom also read me a 'book'......but it was clearly not a book like my other ones that I throw around, I had to be really careful. Not sure why people are concerned about me learning my words- this nook book thing read the words to me!

Afterwards, I got my haircut. I did just as I was told and sat still. I heard the door ding as someone new walked in, and I wondered who that was? I turned quickly, just as the hairdresser was trimming around my ears. Oooops. By the look on moms face, I knew it was not good. They tried to even things out, but I had had enough. It was time to go. 

Even with my struggle at the end, they liked my Elmo shoes so much that they gave me a sucker anyway. I know mom said I shouldn’t have too many sweets, so I threw it in the garbage when we got home. I bet Evan ate the whole thing, but I like to follow the rules.

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