Sunday, August 4, 2013

From Young Hall to Young Kiddos!

I was blessed to have a little stay-cation this past week. After returning from South Dakota on Monday, my college roommate, Brianne, and her son Rohnan came to visit for a few days. The three 1-yr-olds kept us very busy, but we got to have a little fun.
It will be nice when they can use words to say ‘hi’ or ‘hey, come over here and play’ instead of communicating through hitting, poking, and pushing. (And I am speaking more of Evan and Jaden here…….) 

One of my favorite reflections from the week is about ice cream. Brianne and I both LOVE ice cream. I mean, MyPlate did include a place setting for ice cream, right?! Let’s just say during our stay in Young Hall, we somehow snuck an entire 5-gallon bucket of SDSU ice cream into our dorm room from Larson Commons dining center. Pretty sure we were momentarily the most popular girls on our wing of 1st Floor Young!
Brianne and I would still do just about anything for some good ice cream. And I confess. Yes, we paid a baby-sitter more than the cost of our ice cream to sneak out after the boys went to bed for a little Orange Leaf experience. (Nate was at jui-jitsu). And I must say, sitting outside on a beautiful summer eve, chatting about the good ‘ol college years, without worrying about our boys- made our expensive fro-yo taste just as good as our free 5-gallon bucket of ice cream. 

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