Friday, August 23, 2013

South Dakota Summer Fun!

Although it’s been a few weeks since our trip to S.D., I wanted to post some pictures of Evan and Jaden’s fun with family. After a quick stop to run around the car in Sioux Falls visiting Aunt Laurie, we finally arrived in Volga around 11pm. Since Evan only napped 5 minutes the whole day, they were both pretty tired and ready for bed.
Friday the boys helped out in the garden……clearly they had fun, and got a ‘little’ dirty. Who knew how much fun dirt could be!

 Aunt Rachel's Birthday!
 I got to go shopping with nephew Elliot- we had a great time in Downtown Brookings. Evan and Jaden loved spending time with Elliot, too.
Saturday we were up early in Watertown. Although the hills have not gotten any smaller, Laurie and I had a nice run-around-the-lake for the Kampeska Half Marathon. Pretty sure the only reason I registered is because I won a door prize last year: Free Registration for this year! We had great spectators! Mom and Dad, the boys, and Aunt Bondell saw us numerous times along the course. I felt bad for Jaden at mile two- after we ran by him for this first time, he realized it was us and started running after us- blanket in hand. Poor kiddo. After the third time, I think he started to get the run-on-by concept of the race. In the end, I won a watermelon for traveling the furthest for the race!

This post won’t be complete without pictures from the farm. Little Farmer Evan and Farmer Jaden ran right over to the tractor and took turns driving it to haul hay.

 They also got to see the cows. It was pretty amazing to me, to see how amazed they were to see cows. Evan waved to them all!
Grandma taught the boys to skip rocks at the lake. 

Taylor was also visiting her grandparents next door. She wasn't too sure about Evan and Jaden, but liked coming over to play with their toys. 
We had a wonderful trip visiting family and friends. 
However, once we got home, the boys thought all tractors were for riding......

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