Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kylie's 1 Month Old!

Time really does go too fast!! I can't believe Kylie is 1 month old already.  
 One of the best stories from this month involves the 'creativity' of the boys....specifically Jaden.  On one of our many ventures to the park, the boys decided to collect pinecones.  It became a relay race- running to and from the trees - great exercise!
We had to take the pinecones home (battle not worth fighting), where they played intently with them for a while - putting them into shapes, using them as balls in the basketball hoop, etc. Then Evan needed to go inside to the bathroom, so I took him. In no more than 90 seconds, Jaden had managed to stuff 11 pine cones into the furnace's return air PVC pipe - you know, the pipe that is 'S' shaped and impossible to get things into......or out of!! It took 2 service trucks of brainpower, a wire cutter, and a broomstick to get the pinecones out. On the bright side, as Grandpa Al said, at least no one was hurt!
 Although I have awesome co-workers in Turner Hall - I currently have the best officemate! Snuggles with Kylie make responding to my bloated in-box a manageable task!
The boys are very into their slippers, so they love when Kylie wears her pink little slippers.  

Kylie's One-Month pictures. 

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