Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some 'Firsts' for Kylie

First ride in a car seat......on the way home from the hospital.

First bottle. The boys had practiced with their dolls, but were not extremely interested in patiently waiting for Kylie to drink her whole bottle!
 First hair bow......just for Aunt Laurie:)
 First selfie! Because, why not?!
 First time shoe-shopping. A girl cannot have enough shoes!
 First Bath! No tears.
First trip to church, where she slept the whole time.  And first Sunday alone as a Family of is 'naptime.' It was a success. Evan quietly put together a puzzle, Jaden slept, and Kylie was entertained in the swing. 

First stroll down Constitution Trail! 

 First trip to Target with her brothers. We all survived!
 First time at Day Care. I 'traded' Kylie for Evan and Jaden. The boys and I went to a Dr. Seuss story hour at the library. They had a great time complete with Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair-dos!
 First walk to the park.....Kylie is in my front carrier. She loved it, and at 7.5 pounds, it was just the right workout for me!
 First St. Patrick's Day!

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