Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Evan and Jaden's 4th Birthday!

Evan and Jaden had a Dino-mite Birthday!!
 Evan was very animated and excited for his pink circle cake! Jaden wanted a green triangle cake. Okay-easy enough boys! 
There was a '4' on the cakes with sprinkles......everyone kept asking why there was an 'h' on the cakes:) 
 The boys were spoiled with gifts- including, books, super-hero capes, and scooters. 
Evan just wanted to stand on the 3-wheel scooter and be pushed around:) While Jaden made it his mission to figure out the scooter and go faster and faster. 

We met our families in Des Moines for the birthday weekend. Since the boys have a pass to the Normal Children's Museum, we were able to use the pass to check out the science museum in downtown Des Moines. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids!

 The kids all enjoyed going to the splash park and swimming in the hotel's pool. 

Thank you to all our family who drove to Des Moines for the boys' special day!!
 At home, the boys celebrated their actual birthday with their best bud, Tucker! They started their day with their last swimming lesson of the summer!
 This picture is for my co-workers- who think I'm crazy for having the boys stick to their 'chore chart' each week! It's similar to my weekly to-do lists:) But honestly--it is great! They get very excited to earn stickers for doing chores......let's hope we can keep this motivation up for a while!

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