Friday, January 1, 2016

Kylie Exploring New Foods

With Evan and Jaden, I was very excited to start feeding them food. With Kylie, I was a little more hesitant. Not because I didn't want her to explore new foods.....because, let's be real, feeding a baby creates two things: more dishes to wash, and a messy highchair to clean:) Reality aside, around 6 months of age, Kylie started to eat foods like rice cereal and green veggies. I tried to stick with a similar schedule as I did with the boys. Green veggies first, next orange veggies, and then fruit. There really wasn't anything she disliked. Foods in pics: kiwi, pumpkin, puffs, corn, beets, mum mums.

Grandpa Al grew pumpkins this year. I baked one of them, and instead of making pumpkin pie, I made some tasty babyfood!

The baby bullet helped puree the pumpkin. Kylie got to have some sensory fun playing with the pumpkin seeds!

When I texted my friend Brooke about all the pumpkin.....she came right over with a solution for freezing. This Infantino squeeze pouch filler was so easy to use. We made just plain pumpkin and some peaches, pumpkin and banana concoction. 

The 4-ounce pouches froze until we needed them. The portability of the pouch is so handy. Around 9 months, she was able to easily 'drink' from the pouch which makes it less messy to feed her on-the-go. 
At a later date, Brooke and I made a variety of recipes for the fruit and veggie pouches- which even included some oatmeal and flax seed!
Kylie waiting 'patiently' to taste test. 
Around 9 months she started babyfood meat, yogurt, and self-feeding our table food. The picture on the left is from my birthday- who would have imagined a picnic in December?! The picture on the right is Kylie's first treat of a graham cracker at Grandma Linda's. 

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