Monday, January 11, 2016

October 2015 Adventures with Grandma & Grandpa!

In October I spoke at the annual food and nutrition conference in Nashville, TN. This is a competitive opportunity for an oral presentation, so I couldn't pass up the experience, but didn't want to leave all the kiddos for that long. Luckily, it was Grandma & Grandpa to the rescue!!
The boys waited all day for them to arrive. 
The next day Grandma Pam, Kylie, and I left for Nashville, TN. Since I thought there was a time change (oops- no, there is not) we left super early--and clearly made it with plenty of time before my first meeting. 
This is Kylie's "What? We are stopping at McDonald's for you to get coffee, but I don't get a french fry--face." 
 During our stay, Grandma Pam entertained Kylie while I was at meetings. Kylie started walking between things like the couch and the table....she is officially on-the-move!
 If you are ever planning on visiting Nashville.....I would recommend not taking a baby:) Ha! Truly, in the evening it was difficult to find a family-friendly place to eat downtown. It reminded me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama's scene......"You have a baby. In a bar."!!!
 My mom was my guest at the food Expo....what a treat! If you've never can be overwhelming. So much free stuff. Kylie slept through a lot of it, and drew much attention. She wore a button, "Registered Dietitian Nutritionist In Training!" 

And the boys? Well, all four of them survived just fine in Normal. Evan and Jaden were spoiled with attention from Grandpa. I love this picture on the left.......attention span of four year olds. Appears they convinced Grandpa to fly a kite and then quickly lost interest and decided to play stomp rocket instead!
Grandpa brought his home-grown pumpkins for them to carve spook-tacular jack-o-laterns. 

A short detour on the drive home through Southern Illinois Wineries....enjoying beautiful fall weather. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the week of fun!

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