Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ice Fishing Fun!

The boys have been anticipating their ice fishing adventure for a couple weeks! They have never been ice fishing before, so we have been looking at pictures online this past week. Everyone at their school knew they were going to South Dakota and going ice fishing! I saw them off onto the lake and then took Kylie home to stay warm. Here are the highlights!
Evan stayed cozy by warming his toes by the heater. 

Evan's hard work paid off, and in 5 minutes he caught a silver bass. 
Jaden waited and waited and waited. In his words, "I want my fish, and I want it now!!" Remember, he has the patience of his mother and his maternal grandmother!

Finally, Jaden caught a small walleye. 
Evan jumped right up to help! I am sure they will have stories for their classmates after break. 

And a big THANKS to Eric for making this happen!

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