Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas in SD: Part 1

After weeks of counting down, we traveled to South Dakota for Christmas with our families! Decisions are the worst when you have breakfast at Auntie's house:)
The weather and roads (because you can't go to SD without talking about the weather!) were great, until we got to Brookings......another 50 minutes north turned into slick roads. Not wanting to drive those roads 3 more times as we had planned, our families were both very flexible to switch their plans last minute. 

This meant staying in Watertown and celebrating Christmas before returning south an hour to celebrate with Nathan's family. The kids loved playing in all the snow at the farm. This is definitely the way to go sledding!

Kylie's first time driving the tractor with Grandpa Al!
 Resting after climbing on the bales. 
 The boys found my old Snoopy Snow Cone machine in Grandma & Grandpa's basement. The back story; this was a gift I really wanted when I was 6. My Grandparents had just re-carpeted their can see where the story is going. The stain from my first red snow cone creation remained in the middle of their kitchen carpet. Needless to say, my kids got to make ice-flavored snow cones!! Of course they thought they were the best thing ever. 
 Great-Aunt Bont came to celebrate Christmas and play!
 The kiddos got 'just what they always wanted!' Kylie got a baby, that cries when you remove the bottle. It's funny how that bottle just disappears sometimes:) Evan got his transformer he had wished for and Jaden added more dominos to his collection.

Thanks, family, for the fun in Watertown!!

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