Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Potty Training Mentors

We almost ran out of M&M's! Wait- did I really just use a 'food reward' with my children?! Yes. This dietitian confesses to the use of M&M's to get her 1-year-old potty trained. Were the M&M's only for Kylie? Nope. I think the biggest recipients of the candy were big brothers Evan and Jaden. They were fantastic mentors to the large task at hand: help Kylie learn to go potty on the little potty chair. What that meant for them: every time Evan and Jaden and Kylie went......Evan and Jaden got an M&M. Funny how those rules were changed to benefit them!

In the end- it was worth the M&M's. A big thanks to Ms. Brooke for her instigation of this whole potty training experience, her patience, and her clorox wipes for her kitchen floor:) After four days, Kylie had potty training mastered. We are now three weeks into it and Kylie continues to do great while trying to become more independent every day....keep in mind that this is not an independent activity when you are a toddler- ha!

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