Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Aunt Laurie is in Charge!

We convinced Aunt Laurie to brave the elements (those elements being lack of sleep, racing to get three kids ready in the mornings, and dirty dishes times three). She agreed to come play with the kiddos while I was out of town for work. (I won't comment if any dishes actually got done:) )

The boys made a bucket list of all the things they wanted to do with Auntie. 
They got right to work!
Kiwi Crate: Pinball machine!   They attended a workshop at The Home Depot. 
 They made rain gauges. 
 Dr. Seuss' birthday was celebrated at the Bloomington Library with puppet story time and crafts. 
 As if chasing three kids wasn't enough, we did get some miles in on the trail before I left. 
 Auntie even ventured to the zoo! 
Toddler Time at gymnastics! (Making sure they slept well at night!)
 The boys had a special treat when Auntie helped with lunchtime at their school......she may have snuck-in some Ranch dressing for Jaden! 
 Training Kylie for Black Friday. 
 THANK YOU Aunt Laurie for your time creating all these fun memories!!
Please don't tell my kids Chuck-E-Cheese is actually open when Auntie is not in town!

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