Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kylie's 2nd Birthday!

Evan and Jaden were so excited to celebrate Kylie's birthday! Evan came up with the idea of a Trolls-themed party. They invited everyone at their school; including their friend's moms! Considering the party was in Iowa.....just Kylie's family was able to attend. 

But did we ever have fun! Our road trip started with using our new lap travel trays. I had one of these growing up for our road trips to Illinois, so it's fun to see the boys use them. However, if anyone has any tips for how to keep markers/pencils/etc organized let me know! I was dealer of the markers for a while!
 The weather in Des Moines was unseasonably warm! It was so nice to play outside!
 Kylie was more interested in her cake than a picture!

It's Party Time with Cousin Elliot!
 Kitty-cat sleeping bag- thanks Grandma Pam!
 Miss Kylie took ownership of her new double stroller. Thanks Aunt Rachel, Uncle Kyle and Cousin Elliot! It is funny to watch her go through doorways just like I used with the boys' life-sized double stroller. It will fit- just go fast and push!

Playing at the park! 

 Games with Grandpa!
 It's just a thing that always has to be done at a hotel......
 Thanks family for all the fun memories!

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