Thursday, August 17, 2017

End of Summer 2017

Tanners Orchard is about an hour drive from Bloomington-Normal and their play area was free the month of August. We first went with their friend Mason and ended up spending all day playing! Thank goodness for our picnic lunch!

Yup. I was the only one who could reach the pedals! My workout for the day!
Later in the week their second cousins, Ben, Isaac, and Josh came to play! What a fun afternoon swimming. I think us moms got to relax a little too in the sun. So thankful for family that live close!
 The boys have been very into their Dick, Jane, and Sally books. They refused to go grocery shopping unless they could read. Clearly this is a great way to save money by only purchasing what can fit in the cart after 3 children are in the cart. The books are my Grandma's instructor and classroom books from teaching first grade in the '60's. I am sure they are antiques, but the boys love reading them. 
 Exactly a week after our first trip to Tanners, we went again! This time we met the Giuliani family who traveled from Iowa to play! 
 All the fun things to do at Tanners, and they spent the most time in this tree. It was so fun to watch their creative minds think!
 Three of these kiddos start kindergarten this year. I realize how important kindergarten is when I think about the life-long friends like Kristin that I met in kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary. I wish the same for these kids!

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