Thursday, August 17, 2017

July 2017

The kids made the most of their summer enjoying events around town. 
Julie K is a kids performer in Central Illinois. She came to the amphitheater along the trail in Normal. The kids actually only sat briefly at the beginning, otherwise, they were up dancing and singing along with Julie K! A treat for the moms too! 


This was a typical July afternoon! The boys loved diving for rockets this summer and doing the ABC jump in (jumping in while trying to be in the shape of a letter). Kylie climbed in and out and swam all around. She loved playing in the pool, but did not quite have the same love for swimming lessons!
 Friday Night Fun Run! Kylie ran 200 meters with the 2-and-under group while the boys ran 1/4 mile. 

Slack Line! Thanks Auntie for the fun gift. Who has done this before?! It is really tough. I need some tips!

Kindergarten check-ups at the doctor's office. Yup. No wonder the doctor said he could hear us from down the hall. 
 Thanks to the summer reading program, we enjoyed free tickets to the Cornbelters baseball game. Even better, Evan won us free popcorn!!

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