Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Other Twin Cities (part 2!)

Saturday morning, without fail, the boys did not sleep in. I knew the local berry picking farm opened at 7am, so we were first to arrive. The boys have a summer bucket list from their pre-K teacher, and berry picking has not yet been crossed off (also- I personally have never been berry picking, so I thought why not?!) We had so much fun!

 And they tasted SO good!!
 It was Hastings' Rivertown Days, so we enjoyed some of the events on Saturday. This included boat races- which once they finally started - were pretty cool to watch. 
 A church hosted a 10 cent carnival. The best 70 cents on 5-year-old's entertainment I have ever spent!! A dime was the cost of each game, and they won tickets for playing. The tickets were then used to purchase prices. They got several items including a DVD to watch on the way home. If it hadn't been way after lunchtime- we would have stayed longer. 

The other rush of getting back to the Anderson's was getting down to the river! While waiting for Carlson's boat to arrive at the dock, the kids loved swimming in the river and diving for muscle shells. 
 You really can't beat boating and tubing, especially on the river with friends.  
 THANK YOU Dan and Heather for sharing your boat and your Saturday with us. 
A truly delightful day. 
Another bonus of the day is our friend Ashley came to visit. 
We four girls have known each other for....drumroll...31 years. 
(clearly if you do the math- we met before we were born!) 
Sunday we departed the Anderson's and had breakfast near a waterfall in Hastings. 
 Then we met Aunt Laurie in downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul at Minnehaha Falls for a picnic lunch (compliments of Trader Joe's!) Of all the years I have visited the Cities, I have never been to the falls. Another must-see as the park is huge and includes a splash park, lots of trails, and of course a great view of the falls. 

We then stopped at Como Zoo. The boys were very excited to ride the shuttle from the fairground's parking lot to the zoo. A tip from Heather that I would highly recommend!
 After visiting all the animals, our final stop was the carousel. What a great way to end our adventure-filled weekend!! I enjoyed creating so many memories with the boys in the Twin-Cities that I grew up with!

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