Thursday, July 13, 2017

NYC - Day 1

May 7, 2017
Some may call us crazy, but I just couldn't resist being an hour from NYC and not visiting! We convinced Aunt Laurie to come with us to create a one-to-one ratio of adult to child. I would not suggest it any other way! The kids got to experience so many firsts that day. Laurie previously ran the NYC marathon, but really did not have a chance to 'see' the city. 
 Kids' first train ride! 
 Their first yellow taxi cab ride! If you are wondering why we didn't take Uber- there was a cycling race in the city which blocked off a lot of roads, so Uber was uber-expensive during the time we needed to get to our hotel.
 After we dropped off our luggage, we ventured out on foot to explore the sites....which with 5 year olds includes a lot of odds and ends like these little tables I would have totally walked by, but Evan thought they'd be a perfect location to just sit and chat!

Evan- at home in the city!

A highlight about NYC that the boys have seen from cartoons and movies was the Statue of Liberty. We'd been talking about it, and they were really looking forward to seeing it. With some advice from friends, we took the Staten Island Ferry which goes by the statue, instead of the ferry which stops on the island with the statue. Pros for this: it's free and you do not have to stand in line for hours.  
The Statue of Liberty did not disappoint, but the weather kind of did. It was cold and rainy during our boat ride, but nonetheless, we did get some pictures!
 While on Staten Island for our half-hour between boat rides, we clearly used it wisely by getting some ice cream. One thing about traveling with young kiddos---they need to be fed often! 

 After returning on the ferry, we explored Battery Park. 
 What do you do when you walk by a carousel? Clearly you need a ride when it looks this fun!
 The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl

World Trade Center Memorial. What a beautiful area. 
After visiting One World Trade Center, I realized how close we were to the Brooklyn Bridge...something else that was on our list. My travel clan were troopers!! Although we didn't walk the whole length of the bridge, we checked this one off our list. 

The boys' first subway ride! After a long day, my one travel mix-up was getting on an express subway that of course did not stop at the stop we needed! We were able to stop two stops before ours and that meant walking the rest of the way. We re-energized with some supper. Kylie disliked going into the carrier, but once she was in, she was happy!

A benefit of our extra walk was getting to see Times Square at night and that meant a visit to the M&M Store!
 Our day was not complete without a stop by Rockefeller Center which was near our hotel. It wasn't until we got home and Evan saw the people waving on the Today's Show that I realized he would have gotten up early to meet my friends Matt, Savanah, Hoda and Kathie Lee! Next time, Evan, next time!
 These may have been the most expensive M&Ms we have (and will have) ever purchased; however, they worked magic the next day as incentives!  

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