Sunday, July 16, 2017

Staycation - AKA a Weekend at home!

July 14th weekend!
What a perfect weekend at home! The summer can get busy with traveling, so every now and then a weekend at home with no plans is refreshing. Of course, we find things to fill our time. Trying to live out the message in a sermon I recently heard, I carefully chose not only the things I did, but the order I did them. The big choice I made was to spend lots of time with family, as my work can wait until Monday morning (along with the emails and social media scrolling!)
At the end of the week, I had a lunch date with Evan and Jaden. They have never been to Steak n Shake (okay, so clearly we've done happy hour shakes, but have never actually eaten there), so a stop there on the way to the dentist clearly seemed appropriate. 
 Their kindergarten check up at the dentist passed with the prediction that Evan's bottom two teeth will fall out in the next two weeks! Yikes, the Tooth Fairy better get a plan together. 

The boys had a playdate with their former Pre-K class on Friday. It was priceless to see how excited the kids were to see each other again!
After the Fun Run, it was Movie Night! We popped lots of popcorn for the long movie - Harry Potter #3 as Evan called it. Wow, did Evan ever get the Schumacher gene of loving action filled movies! I did find other things to do during movie time:)
 Saturday morning Nathan and I both fit in some workout time as I began the day with an early morning run with a group we started running with back in 2004! What a great group to keep me motivated. I got a bonus workout  - yoga at the new Destihl part was everyone got a free drink afterwards. 
 She clearly has brothers! Bugs, bugs and more bugs. 
 Lots of pool time both Saturday and Sunday! 

On Sunday I rode my bike to Lake Bloomington with a group of friends and grabbed a quick bite before turning around to come home. I kept my cycling gear on and grabbed the boys for a ride on the trail. I got lots of practice clipping my shoes in and out while riding with these two:) But it was fun to create a new adventure with them on part of the trail they don't typically visit. Yes, I snuck fruit snacks along!
I picked a restaurant that seemed laid back which was also a place our family had not yet eaten at before. (We like to try all the restaurants in our area at least once). Lake Road Inn is an oldie but goodie that I had found during a bike ride, and lucky for us, tonight they had karaoke! Great entertainment for the kids, and.......
Nathan even sang! He did an excellent job singing Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers!
 We played at the lake a bit before heading back to town. 
 What a perfect weekend filled with lots of playtime!

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