Monday, March 19, 2018

Disney Day 1: Animal Kingdom

ISU Spring Break 2018 we ventured to Disney World!! How did we get from here to there?
We rented a 12-passenger van with the Frantz family for the week. 
 Yes, all the car seats fit and we had a DVD player for each row. PSA - the Normal Library has a myfi you can check out for up to two weeks......for free....unlimited data. In between getting caught up on emails, Brooke and I were able to get caught up on Greys!
 We drove overnight on the way there, which really wasn't that bad. The kids slept all night. We arrived at our resort and thanks to online shopping for groceries, we were set for the week!
On Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom. Since Brooke had previously worked at Disney, she organized all of our fast passes and basically our entire schedule. It was so nice to know we were getting to see so much, and experiencing the best of the parks. While the dads stood in line for the Avatar ride, we got to see and do plenty. The boys' first ride was the Dinosaur ride. Evan talks big....but he is the one in the red upfront....don't see him? Yea, that's because he was hiding half the ride!
 Evan also went with Brooke on the Everest rollercoaster. 
That was quite the coaster for the little guy!  

The Avatar line was we did a lot! We even got to see Mickey and Minnie!! 
So exciting to watch the kiddos!
 Later we found Doc McStuffin's!
 The Safari ride!
 We headed back to the condo for dinner and then went to the park for the night light show. So fun to see how they project images onto a wall of spraying water - just amazing! We caught one last ride before heading home. 
Disney Squad Party of 16: Let's Do This!

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