Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Disney Squad! Party of 16!

Although it was lightly raining the first hour or so at the park, the rest of the day was beautiful. We finally got our picture by the castle! Our first ride of the day was the classic Dumbo ride. This ride is great because while in line, they give you a color/letter and the kids get to play instead of standing in line!
 Barnstormer Roller coaster: This was the smallest of the coasters we road on (even Kylie got to ride!) but it was still fast enough to entertain Evan!
 Can't pass up a short line for the Tea Cups! Love the picture of the kids while in motion!
 Tomorrowland Speedway! I was lucky enough to have Kylie as my driver.....[where's the emoji for that?!] Luckily the driving age isn't until 16 in Illinois. 
 Evan learning to drive with Nathan. 
 Kylie loved it even though we continually moved from side to side to side!
 Nothing beats lunch in front of the castle! 
 Winnie the Pooh the ride with Caroline! Thank you Coco's for adopting my odd-numbered family. In this case you got two of us!
 Pure joy. We all loved the parade! What spectacular floats. Kylie waved to all the characters. This is the location and event Brooke used to primarily work at so we knew we got the best seats in the park!
 Kylie didn't nap often.......but she crashed on Monday. This was good because we stayed late and saw the lights and fireworks show on the castle. The show was A-mazing and the songs have been stuck in my head ever since!
 Obligatory ride on the carrousel. 
 We had fast passes for Peter Pan. 
The kiddos enjoyed the feeling of flying through the movie. 
 Can't forget a picture with Mickey! Evan's teacher loves Mickey, so he was extra proud to be taking a picture next to the guy!

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