Monday, November 4, 2013

26.2 miles of Cheers!

I returned late Sunday night from the Bowling Green, KY marathon, and my legs are still sore. No, I didn’t actually run the 26.2 mile race, but as a spectator, I think I walked 30 miles! Jaden and I ventured on a road trip Saturday to Louisville, KY where we picked up my sister, Laurie, at the airport. From there we spent the weekend in Bowling Green, KY for the Sunday morning marathon.

Do people with 1 child realize just how easy it is to travel with ONE child?!! From packing, to roadside stops, to bedtime routine, I felt I was on vacation with just Jaden and myself to worry about! Jaden did get spoiled with attention from Auntie and even got to go swimming. Packet pick-up was at the Corvette Museum. I decided I'd take a red one!

 It was a smaller race, which weaved back and forth in the downtown area. This made for a very spectator friendly course- looped twice. Jaden was a trooper! It was a little cold in the morning, so mile 3-4 he was crabby, but after a little cuddle-time, he was his cheerful self. Unfortunately, during his crabbiness, is when the local newspaper decided to interview me! 

We were able to see Laurie 9 times along the course! Jaden entertained everyone along the way. Between miles 6.5 and 11.5 we had a little picnic while we cheered on the runners. 

 Jaden did get a little nap in while we were walking from mile 13 to 16. The other runners and spectators were all so friendly. My only complaint was there were no coffee shops open on Sunday morning in the downtown area!! I was really looking forward to sitting and drinking coffee while watching other people run; but in reality, I don’t think I really had an extra hand for a coffee cup!

Jaden found some leaves to run and jump in!

Laurie had pneumonia the week before this marathon, but that didn’t stop her! She did amazing and checked state #47 off of her list! Jaden and I were excited to cheer for Aunt Laurie at a marathon. Good luck with the three states left, Laurie!

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