Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

 Yup. It’s true. My kids went as ‘losers’ for Halloween!
My Vikings Players! (Evan wasn't really into this picture-taking-thing).
 Pumpkin donut time at Daycare!
 They got to wear their costumes all day as Thursday morning they had musicgarten class. The kids had a parade in the senior center while they played an instrument and sang along with Miss Mary.

 Evan trying on a friends' 'Vikings' hat!
 Jaden got some fun pumpkin glasses at Daycare!

Thursday was a rainy day, but there was enough of a break in the rain for the boys to trick-or-treat at the neighbors’ houses. Most of the neighbors let the boys pick what they wanted, of which a two-year-old really can’t make big decisions like which piece of chocolate to take. They clearly wanted them all! But by the last house, they got the hang of it: walk up to door, look cute, candy bowl comes close, grab a few pieces and put them in the pumpkin. 

 Evan did get a little skeptical of some of the costumes of the other kids we passed on the sidewalk. When the kid dressed as a ghost walked by, I had to carry Evan. Poor Little E. I just need to rent the Reggie Redbird costume for the day to get the fear of mascots/characters/costumes out of Evan!
The boys had an even better time passing out treats at our door!

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