Thursday, November 14, 2013

Go Purple Go!

A week ago today, we ventured to the big game: Redskins vs. Vikings!! Because I planned ahead…….the boys were dressed in Vikings apparel. I told Nathan he had equal opportunity to fit them for Redskins jerseys.

We met Grandma and Grandpa Raeder in Minneapolis. Before the game, I had a little extra time to visit a few close friends in the Minneapolis area while the boys enjoyed riding the escalators. They also got to take their first train ride! Although we were within a mile of the Metrodome/Mall of America Field, we kept warm on the crowded train.

 The boys did so well at the game! I think we were all worried about how they would act, and I’m pretty sure Grandma Pam thought she would be going back to the hotel at half-time…..but the twins stayed entertained the whole time. I think Evan most enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and waving to them…..I’ll have to watch him in high school! Jaden loved yelling ‘Football go!’ It was a close, high scoring game in the second half, which made for a fun evening……. Especially for us Vikings Fans!!

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