Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 2 of Xmas Break

Sunday morning the boys started their day with gymnastics. I am excited for them to begin their first parks-and-rec gymnastic classes in January.
And yes, this is how a lot of activities end with the boys.....tackling and wrestling!
 In the afternoon, their imaginations got the best of them and they created a new game: Campfire. You start sitting at the table with a golf club and 2 little balls. Then it becomes like hockey and you chase the balls around the house with the golf club. Everyone's a winner in the end!
 We made gift tags in the evening. Evan appeared to enjoy this as he concentrated very hard with the foam stickers- often stacking the stickers 3 high on a tag. Jaden lined up the gift tags and sorted them by color.

We all slept well:)

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