Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 3 of Xmas Break: Kitchen Helpers

 In response to my last post about Jaden helping me in the kitchen, a friend who's out of town for the week offered to let us borrow their Learning Tower. Has anyone else used this before? (I wasn't even aware of such a device!) It's basically like a safe step stool for kids to be higher up. 
I realized I have company coming tomorrow for the week, and I have no Christmas goodies in the house. (Which is very unlike me as A. sweets are my favorite, B. you'd expect tons of sweets at a pregnant lady's house!) So we started this morning by making some bars. 
Yes, this is Jaden trying to ask before just licking the spoon!
In the evening we (attempted) to make chocolate filled pretzels - first gluten free ones for Grandma Linda, then regular ones. Well---this is how that adventure started: Evan dipped all of his fingers right into the bowl of chocolate. 
We went through a LOT of spoons in this process. They actually did better than I anticipated with focusing on filling the 'O's with chocolate......but broke many ServSafe rules in the process:)

Sprinkles are great on everything....rationing them out is difficult!
 No, mom, we really didn't eat any of the chocolate, see!

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