Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 18 Days of Christmas!

Today was Day #1 of 18 that I will be at home with Evan and Jaden for Christmas break.

Here are some things I have learned:

1. I am going to need a daily list of things to-do. I am used to a schedule, and I think it will help all of us!

2. I need to sharpen my puzzle skills to keep up with Evan.
3. Jaden is quite the sous chef. He really was helpful as he sorted my k-cups, ‘hid’ the green beans with tater tots for the tater tot casserole (AKA tater tot hotdish for those from SD/MN), and helped clean up.
4. Evan will need to be trained to help in the kitchen. He came in 15 minutes later and asked, “is it done yet?!”

5. Their fingers need to grow before we think about piano lessons. Do people really start Suzuki piano lessons at age 4?  Really?

6. Do people really have time for all of the Pinterest crafts they pin? I did pin a lot today and would like to have ‘craft time’ with the boys each day….even if it’s just coloring. No pressure.
7. However, I will need to let go of some perfectionism with the kids’ crafts! I will admit the boys did not originally get the snowman’s eyes or nose centered……How do people deal with this when kids are working on projects in grade school?!

8. Saturdays are great….tag-team parenting!  

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