Saturday, June 24, 2017

Arrows in the Dells!

At the start of the boys' spring break, we ventured to the Wisconsin Dells and met up with my friends Heather and Alyssa- we have been friends since before kindergarten! This was the first time all of our families joined us for a weekend getaway, and of course the kids loved playing with each other!
 We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge where there are things to do for kids of all ages.  

 The big boys raced on their magic carpets.....and Ethan took Gold!
 Story time with Dan!
 Kylie found some new friends to look up to! 
Thanks Lilly and Taylor for playing big sisters to Kylie. 
 Game night!

Who had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge?!! 

 If you're in the Dells, you have to stop at Mouse Jaw for some delicious pizza! 
Such a fun weekend! Now, where are we going next year friends?!

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