Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spring break in SD: Part 2

Although the farm is always a highlight of our trips to South Dakota, there really is more to do there! When we travel to SD, typically our first stop is Aunt Laurie's house......could be because it's closest, but we also really love Auntie....and the snacks she buys for us!
 As we continue North on I29, we reach Brookings! We often stop at SDSU and get the full tour of the administration building with Grandma Linda. Luckily this time, I only had one 2-year-old. When the boys were 2, one of them ventured off by himself into the President's office, ran in, and sat on his lap! Five-year olds on the otherhand can be easily bribed with ice cream to behave themselves!
 The SDSU women's basketball team played an NIT game at home, so Evan and I were fortunate to score tickets with Grandma Linda! Go JACKS!
 After traveling even further north on I29, we reach Watertown! Grandma Pam has several activities planned including painting food items to see how the paint spreads- so fun. 
And this just appears. Kids love it!

 Kylie doesn't need planned activities. She finds Grandpa's hats and thinks it necessary for him to wear.....them once!
 St. Patty's Day!! Best spectators ever for the 5K run!

 A highlight of our trip was the burning of a family farm home in Webster. These three structures were burned- the house, outhouse (burning in the middle of this picture), and the garage. The house was 101 years old! It was built in 1916 by Evan, Jaden and Kylie's Great-Great-Grandpa Edward Raeder. He was the owner and carpenter of this house. I remember when growing up my Uncle Carl lived in this house. Every time we visited he would give us a pack of Juicy Fruit gum. It hasn't been lived in for decades. Kyle and Rachel recently enjoyed going through the house and gathering any note-worthy items. 
 For those worried about the kids, we made the day of it and ensured they were far away from the house. The kids had sled rides with the four-wheeler, but most enjoyed playing in the wooded area. They climbed and built forts. 
 This is the After picture of the one above. I am sure my dad and Aunt Bondell rekindled many memories as they watched the house burn. 
 As with any trip, the time comes for the long drive home. I did this trip by myself with 3 little ones. They were truly great in the car (Thank you DVDs and snacks!) This picture was of our last stop by the Quad Cities. I highly recommend the first rest stop on the IL side as they have a new playground and an excellent view of the river! Thanks family for a fun spring break!

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