Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hoppy Easter 2017!

The kids were so excited to spend Easter weekend with Aunt Laurie and Grandma Pam. Of course they were on-the-go all weekend. They decorated Easter baskets and delivered to the neighbor ladies. 
 Never got it on video, but likely the best moment in Kylie's Easter outfit was when she danced her version of stinky butt (AKA, bunny tail dances up in the air). 

Instead of using store-bought egg dye, Home-Ec teacher Grandma Pam helped the kids color eggs using cool whip and food coloring. 
Maybe next year we will venture and use water from cooked vegetables like beets and carrots.  
 Thanks Grandpa Al for the South Dakota Beef!
 Kylie is still working on saying 'Grandma,' but regardless, she loves giving nose kisses! 
 Time for the hunt! Evan shook each plastic egg, making sure to pick ones with candy and not coins or stickers.....Evan!

I mean we all have the same shirt, how could we not take a selfie?!
 Evan and Jaden's new thing.....chasing the cars good-bye along the sidewalk. Come again soon Auntie and Grandma!

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