Saturday, August 22, 2015

A 'Normal' July

We didn't go on a big vacation this summer, but we did have fun during our summer-long staycation in Normal!

Cornbelter's Baseball game with Tucker. Finally, they are not scared of mascots.

 Cuteness. So fun to watch the boys and Kylie interact now that she is smiling, giggling, and oh, yea, taking their toys!

 Our picnic lunch at Miller Park. We had to keep Kylie on the table so the flock of geese didn't get her! It didn't help when the boys started feeding the geese grapes!
 The water table, sprinkler, and car washing (or sidewalk washing) never get old!
After looking on Macaroni Kid for things-to-do with kids in the area, I read there was a free Shakespearean play on the lawn at the beautiful Ewing Manor. My 3-year-olds really didn't dig it; this is what my lap looked like. 
Reading books is always a great past-time. My boys LOVE these National Geographic books. Evan can sit for hours- literally- while Jaden naps, Evan pages through his dinosaur book. Great find Aunt Laurie! They just got an early birthday present - the planet and the animal books which they are learning to 'share' with Kylie. 
 This girl really can nap anywhere. While I bathed the boys after pool time--she just fell asleep on the floor waiting for her turn! Then it happened again while playing. Clearly she doesn't get this from me. 

 And then there is actual bedtime...... :)

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