Saturday, August 22, 2015

Annual Trip to SD for Kampeska Run

Because Laurie and I never can remember that the 13.1 miles around Lake Kampeska is in fact hilly, we drove back to South Dakota the end of July for the half marathon in Watertown. As Evan would say, 'Agaaaiin?'
 The Sioux Falls Zoo on a very hot July day!
 Sprinkler time with Cousin Elliot!
 Race Day! The kids were well cared for by Grandma and Grandpa and Great-Aunt Bont!
 The boys had so much fun playing on their obstacle course at the farm! Over and over again. 

Jaden got a little wet with the hose.....and then took a ride on the 4-wheeler!
 Kylie loved all of the attention. She just started pushing up and rotating around, but not really going anywhere yet.

We went to church Saturday night at Joy Ranch, across the road from the black angus cows. The boys had lots of fun dancing but they weren't too sure about these root beer floats. I think they will love Grandparents Camp here in a couple years!
Sunday morning at Grandma Linda's!
Now that Kylie is moving around, I better add a pack-n-play to my packing list for next time!

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