Saturday, August 22, 2015

Twins and Triplets

What a fun weekend! Okay. Let's be real. It was exhausting, stressful at times, and I clearly missed the memo with directions of where to go to get a full night's sleep. We played parents to essentially twins and triplets for a weekend. 

But aren't they adorable?!
It brought me back to the days when Evan and Jaden were babies, and I would play musical babies as I rotated what device they were rocked in, laid on, or strapped in. First hour in, I was like, 'Hey. I've got this!'

The boys completed chef training. 
(Ok. Yea, it was just rice krispy bars.) 
 We had them on a strict exercise plan.
I made sure they stayed hydrated (chocolate milk at times?!)
 They even had time for education. AKA games on the iPad. 
They (re)organized the toy room; and took a well deserved rest afterwards.

At the end of the day, we all really did have a lot of fun. Just look at this adorable picture! Tucker sure does look up to the boys, and I hear them say, 'Tucker's my best friend!' 
I can't wait to see Kylie and Lainey's friendship develop!

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