Saturday, August 22, 2015

Peoria Zoo!

We didn't have dogs or cats in the house growing up. The only pets I had were hamsters and a rabbit, and to be honest, I was always scared of the cows. So needless to say, I am not a huge 'animal person.' The thought of getting a family zoo pass never really crossed my mind until family members asked for gift ideas for the boys' birthday, and I needed to come up with something that would not fill the toy room! If anyone is considering a zoo pass--I would highly recommend it! We have used it countless time at our zoo....but an added benefit is you get into hundreds of zoos across the US for free or reduced rates. 
Although it's less than an hour away, we had not previously been to the Peoria Zoo. I was pleasantly surprised with all of their exhibits, and the boys were very excited for the animals, especially the giraffes. 

 The pass into the zoo, also gets you into the botanical garden.

Once we learned it was National Ice Cream Day, 
we knew we had to celebrate!

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